I Need My DXFE Installer! ASAP! (Please)

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I Need My DXFE Installer! ASAP! (Please)

Postby Aidan » Wed Oct 28, 09 1:39 am

SO When I turned my PC into a hackintosh, I accidentally wrote all over the files I had on windows 7. One of those being the DXFE installer I had made. I recently checked the promotional video for it on youtube to find there was quite the load of people who wanted it, but couldn't download it as filefront has a stupid (but fair!) limited day rule for their downloads.

I was wondering if any of you happened to have it on your hard drives? :S

EDIT: Actually.. If you have it, just let me know how big the file size is. I might already have it backed up (phew).
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Postby DxPlayer » Fri Jan 08, 10 2:39 pm

This link is working fine:

The .zip file has 504.62 MB and the .exe has 505 MB.
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