USA Players -- DXMP Last Stand

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USA Players -- DXMP Last Stand

Postby ~s0ap~ » Tue Nov 11, 14 12:44 am

To all American players who quit the game because they could not find a decent server:

I am currently hosting 3, BTDM ATDM and 0a from a VPS in Denver Colorado hosted by NFO servers. They are smooth running. Please think about returning to the game.
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Re: USA Players -- DXMP Last Stand

Postby Clancy Stein » Thu Nov 13, 14 3:18 am


Nice avatar.
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Re: USA Players -- DXMP Last Stand

Postby KingStubbs » Sat Feb 28, 15 2:44 am

add me on steam my dx brethren
AKA TEJAS AKA TEXASTYRANT AKA If you wanna get raped on dxmp let me know? Add me on Steam to set up your rape appointment, Kïňğ♛Śŧũbbś , Ok ty.
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