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Summer 2017 DXMP Games

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 17 10:14 pm
by synthetic
Some of us have poked nose into the typically 0 population DXMP, and discovered that there are others doing the same thing. We've stirred some activity up on forums as well and have seen up to 6 and 7 player games. Think today's peak in ATDM might've even been 8 players. Those are the players that have noticed activity, there are plenty those that would like games but don't know games are happening.

The surest and most exciting way to have some fun matches is with a Team, though, and thus I started thinking with my friends how many potential teams we have, Alpha certainly wasn't the first clan that popped to mind, but I am certain there is at least *someone* here that wouldn't mind some last action in our old game.

Since I haven't actively played for years and cannot claim to have a clan of any sort, me psycho and dani put together a quick new clan/team. We intend to keep it ca 4-5 people, so we're going to contact one-two additional players that we know don't bitch and want to have some fun.

I'd like those active in alpha or active on alpha forums to think about gathering or starting a ca 4 head team for a typical gametype. We are on the fence about bothering with some odd mod, but both 0a and ATDM are definitely on the table, any team can choose which of the gametypes they'd like to play.

To make things more fancy and memorable, we could set some kind of tournament style board up somewhere and there have been suggestions for a discord group with team channels for matches.

The general idea behind it is to have some fun, arranged matches with friends, not compare e-peen or drama. Due to lack of teams and boredom we are probably going to match phantoms group of cheaters as well, but the rest of the teams could give it some thought whether their penis really is so small that they need to hack in the last matches they didn't know they could get. That'll be on everyone's own conscience.

To make setups more similar (and easier) we can recommend kentie's latest exe and D3D10 drivers to all players, but since OpenGL gives mouse a vastly different feel, I think it is ok if some veterans can stick with that. We have no means of checking what someone is using or not using so again it would just be a guideline.

So far signed teams are:

[LAN] Law Abiding Negroes
1. Psycho
2. Me
3. Dani
4. Clix
5. ???

The obvious clans to contact are FGS and HK, additionally we intend to announce on DXMP steam group and on FGS general forums as well as here. In the odd event that someone still uses DXMP FB group, we can announce there as well.

Preferred time window for matches would be this month, July.

Currently, as-is, FGS and Hey can hopefully provide their public servers for some private matches as well.

Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games

PostPosted: Sun Jul 02, 17 10:23 pm
by synthetic
Details & Guidelines for Clean Games

Event Details
Title: Summer 2017 DXMP Games
Time: July
Contact: any forum thread advertising this event or contact me directly
Format: 20min TDM - 4v4 (min 3v3 max 5v5 depending on teams)
Prize: You get to play organised matches in a game that died years ago, we will publish screenshots/demos but there won't be a public ranking
Server: Available best quality servers in EU/US (I'll try to establish contact with some hosts, others can contact me or teams directly)
Gametype: ATDM, 0a (or privately agreed upon mods/CTDM between individual teams)
Voice: voice chat for teams is recommended, but im not sure we can arrange a server for everybody

Config Details
Exe: kentie's exe (works fine with steam)
Renderer: D3D10 or oldschool Dohnal's OpenGL for the vets that cant play with D3D10
FPS cap in exe: 120 or lower
The exe and said fps cap serve the purpose of providing stable and fair performance in a 17 years old game prone to break with new computers. If people notice you are speedhacking in the matches, you cannot claim to have been unaware of the fix. This here is the fix. Use it.

Server mod: ANNA for 0a, and while I would prefer ANNA for ATDM as well, we may end up having more disagreements than is worth the time spent on arguing. Reason why I recommend ANNA is ensured classical feel of the game, whereas MiniMTL has changed many more things, leading to a different game feeling. Here is not important whether that is an improvement or not.

None of these rules are enforced as nobody can come and hold your hand and check whether you have set the caps and executable, that effort will be on everyone's own conscience. I expect majority of the players in majority of the teams to follow these guidelines just fine, I can only really think of a handful of noobs for whom this game is too hard to play without cheats, even after decade of trying. In this event we won't turn noobs away, everybody is welcome.

Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 17 5:24 am
by Hanover Fist

Re: Summer 2017 DXMP Games

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 17 6:56 pm
by synthetic