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Stuck already

Postby Ergo » Sun Sep 25, 11 7:05 pm

i would just like to say i am loving the game and i think ded has done a fantastic job.

but i am stuck in paris.
i am assuming the secret horizon lab is near the docks in the tunnel where you got the elcetrical water. I switched off the power and dived down to the door but due to the power being off the door wont open.
have i gone wrong somwhere?????????????
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Postby Ded » Sun Sep 25, 11 7:12 pm

Complete all quests for the Shadow legion or the Judicians and they will help you to get to the lab. It is also possible to get to the lab without completing any quests, but it is not totally fair.
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Postby SimonDenton » Mon Sep 26, 11 12:14 am

Yeah after doing that I immediately loved this mod with its use of unique missions :D I did however save a med kit and spare scuba gear for swimming back so keep that in mind.
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Postby Mastakilla » Fri Sep 30, 11 2:09 am

Swimming back without the scuba gear and scrambled HUD was a pain in the butt.

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