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The Official Unfuck Project 2027's Problems Thread

Postby DIRG » Tue Sep 27, 11 6:49 am

Hi, folks!


The game starts up but runs rather slow. To be a bit more precise, it "skips" or "stutters" every 1-3 seconds. Changing resolution, turning off advanced effects or removing one processor core from the equation have not alleviated the pain. Also of note:
(1) Shift+CTRL+ESC is crashing the game, ALT+Tab does not.
(2) I can't get the preferences menu to pop-up (I have tried it via two keyboard language schemes, English and German).

Installation procedure:
1. Deus Ex GOTY edition installed.
2. Patched up to -fm.
3. Installed 2027.

Of note:
1. Have .NET 4, not 3.5. The latter didn't install for some reason. But game starts without problem.
2. System: 2 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, nVidia GeForce 9600M GT (512 MB), DirectX 11 (shit, do I really NEED 9.0c?), Win 7

Attached is my 2027.log.

Thanks for your time,
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Postby Ded » Tue Sep 27, 11 9:08 am

I just updated the FAQ. Please look for a solution there. I've added a link to the utility that might help you to fix this bug.

DirectX 11 (shit, do I really NEED 9.0c?)

If you install 9.0c, it won't remove your 11 version.
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