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Postby Ergo » Wed Sep 28, 11 5:59 pm

I hear there are some special cheats in this mod how do access the cheat console?
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Postby Ded » Wed Sep 28, 11 6:40 pm

See PM.
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Postby Detective Beauregard » Thu Sep 29, 11 7:17 am

I'd love to know about these cheats as well. I just finished the game (on the easiest mode), although it was quite difficult in the beginning. I also think I screwed up an option for the third ending, as I accidentally turned all the bandits hostile in the first Moscow visit and had to kill them.

I want cheats because during my first runthough I had to spend so many points on upgrading weapon skills that I didn't have enough multitool or lockpicking skills to get into every room! I want to know what I missed!

Anyway, congrats on a great mod; it is truly awesome. Everything from the level design to the music is incredible!

Moscow in the morning was my favorite level. It was cool to see a daytime mission, as the original Deus Ex had none!
Detective Beauregard
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Postby EvilSodaPop » Thu Sep 29, 11 1:29 pm

I would like to know as well. Made an account just to ask. I know how to access the console but that's it.
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