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Postby Ajack » Fri Dec 09, 11 10:16 am

can't find it in game pointers or hints ? :?
or way to summon
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Postby EXetoC » Fri Dec 09, 11 2:47 pm

bCannotBePickedUp is set to True (probably because it's only used for that one NPC). However, I'm pretty sure that changing it to False is all that is required in order for players to be able to use it. You could try this before summoning: "set WeaponMP40 bCannotBePickedUp False"

EDIT: Well actually it doesn't seem to be needed, so you must be doing something wrong. "summon WeaponMP40" (after having enabled cheats) works for me, and i am able to pick it up; although the player view model is that of the Assault Gun in Deus Ex.
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Postby ggrotz » Fri Jan 18, 13 9:21 am

Isn't this what Arman carries in the "kill the Judicans" mission? I never tried killing him to see whether it's like that pistol Grigoryev carries or not, but that'd be where I'd start.
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