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Forgot to translate?

Postby montmartini1 » Fri Jan 27, 12 5:19 pm

Daniel says this after saying I can't promise anything to Magnus

I attached an image file.

EDIT: Using img to txt sites, and google's translate, I got this:

Не думаю, что это вообще возможно - найти какую-то там Амриту в напрочь перекрытом ночном городе.

I do not think it's not impossible - to find some where in Amrita completely overridden Night in the city.

The first part is okay, but the second part is weird, I think someone who speaks Russian will have to help out...
Daniel russion still.png
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Postby Ded » Sat Jan 28, 12 2:52 pm

The translation is:
"I don't think that it is possible to find Amrita in the city during a night curfew."
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