Backup-Mission in Moscow (garage) - possibility of saving Evgenji?

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Backup-Mission in Moscow (garage) - possibility of saving Evgenji?

Postby Tommy030 » Mon Mar 19, 12 11:56 pm

is it possible to save Evgenij inside the garage? Everytime I come as "backup" to the weapon-deal, the police kill Boris and Evgenji during the fight. I didn't manage to be fast enough preventing the police killing the both. My question comes because I have to speak to E. after the fight? (The mission says something like "to follow E.'s orders").
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Postby Ded » Tue Mar 20, 12 10:18 am

Yes, it is possible.
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Postby ggrotz » Fri Jan 18, 13 9:16 am

And actually quite easy if you adjust your tactics correctly (and have the items to pull it off).
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