2027 North Labs Problem

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2027 North Labs Problem

Postby ggrotz » Fri Jan 18, 13 9:15 am

I ran into a show-stopper problem with the North Labs levels. When you get down to the underground map and free Titan and then go talk to Titan, it seems like you can "hurry up" things and then not have the map reset properly after you get done with the cut scene.

How I reproduce it and what happens:
1. Play normally, after you free Titan, run upstairs before the "you're not leaving until you talk to me" line from Titan, and then run across that part of the map to the other side and then run back.
2. When you go back upstairs, there are no MJ12 troops in the main room and the door is wide open.
3. Go down to the router room - Titan will prompt the 84826 code, but it doesn't work right in the keypad.
4. I can go ahead and ghost in and hit the button, but the rest of the level is broken from there as well.

If I think to not hurry over there it's fine, but occasionally I have to reload when I accidentally do this. Hope that helps.
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