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2027 help needed

PostPosted: Tue Feb 10, 15 4:23 pm
by johnb1
I've been trying to get Project 20207 working with Deus Ex. Nameless mod? no problem. Redsun2020, fine, but this? no.
I used a clean unmodded copy of Deus Ex, updated it to 1.112fm, then installed microsoft's . framework 3.5 and make sure my Direct X was at 9.0
clicked on play, waited, then "we're sorry, 2027 has experienced a serious error and shut down. I've even tried using Deus Exe, which if you haven't used it, it's great (at least I think so) I got to the title screen-2027 in blue numbers and.....that's menu, nothing.

What fllavor of Windows do I need to run this? I was using Windows XP


John B

Re: 2027 help needed

PostPosted: Fri Feb 13, 15 12:42 am
by Kaiden
Hey, asked around and will try and get you an answer in the next few days.