Um ji gui guo?

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Um ji gui guo?

Postby Siva » Tue Sep 18, 12 12:00 pm

This blew my mind lately.

If you've heard a civilian NPC in the HK district of China, you've probably heard that phrase.

I asked a new friend of mine who is familiar with different dialects of Chinese what this actually means, and the root of the sentence or phrase is 'Saviour' and 'Confusion'.

From this bark alone you can kind of tell the depth that they went to in making the world and cities within the world believeable in Deus Ex. Considering how deeply rooted in chinese history that phrase is, ignoring the poor transliteration, it's still very deep. To the point where the NPC's are almost believably self-aware.

Just wanted to share it with you.
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Postby Dae » Tue Sep 18, 12 1:11 pm

Thanks for sharing. :) After so many years I as well still remember the phrase...
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Postby clyzm » Tue Sep 18, 12 6:18 pm

I say it all the time to my Chinese friends tbh

I love that phrase
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Postby The RZA » Sat Aug 17, 13 7:28 am

lol just heard that tonight

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