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Postby Philip Riley Mead » Sun Aug 25, 13 12:54 am

Hi dxalpha community,

As a "long-time DX veteran" who absolutely loves Deus Ex 1, I'm interested in putting together an extensive compilation of interviews, articles, music etc. (I'm not that interested in mods, though.)
Fortunately, I found dxalpha by accident while searching the web for information. I like the fact that you already maintain an archive; which - in my opinion - is lacking great stuff while being unstructured at the same time.
There are many websites with "some kind of an archive" but most of the time these provided links are dead and/or the archive is incomplete and outdated.

To my knowledge no one has tried to combine all this data yet. If such an archive already exists, please let me know.

This is my plan:
1. Gather all data/Verify sources
2. Compile an extensive and complete archive

If you like to collaborate feel free to add links below. Thanks!
Philip Riley Mead
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Postby Philip Riley Mead » Sun Aug 25, 13 1:01 am

Sorry, I cannot post links yet due to forum policy.

Deus Ex Story page by Stephan T. Lavavej
nuwen (dot) net/dx.html

compiles information like
- Dev Quotes
- Script
- QA Document
- DX Postmortem
- Annotated DeusExText.u
- etc.

Deus Ex [Original In-Game Soundtrack] Re-mastered by David Uystpruyst
Original source: (dot) fr/deus_ex_in_game_ost/index.html (confirmed)
Date: November 30, 2011 (confirmed)
- A soundtrack straight from the game, edited to respect musical patterns from its composers. It is not remixes, just the themes as close as they occur in the game.

Extensive database with many dead links!
deusex-machina (dot) com/press/interviews.asp

The Deus Ex Continuity Bible
Original source: gamespy (confirmed; dead link)
Date: (unconfirmed)
nanoaugur (dot) net/dx/bible/

Deus Ex Writer Interview - Sheldon Pacotti
Original source: KFJC (confirmed)
Date: November 04, 2001 (confirmed)
newlifeinteractive (dot) com/misc/KFJCdx20011104.mp3

Deus Ex Interview - Jay Anthony Franke
Original source: Bigpond Industry Insider (confirmed)
Date: (unconfirmed)
youtube (dot) com/watch?v=2U16clm5tKQ
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Postby Aidan » Sun Aug 25, 13 3:54 am

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Postby ~DJ~ » Sun Aug 25, 13 10:53 am

Hi. Welcome to the forums, I guess! :D

This sounds very interesting, and I too don't know if someone has managed to compile that sort of knowledge/data together.. would be great though!

Dr.Mordin wrote:

..that contains it? hmm? I don't see it.. or are you trying to say something else? :oops:
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Postby Alex » Sun Aug 25, 13 1:43 pm


That's an interesting idea you got, and I think you're right about no complete archive existing yet.

As you've seen yourself, several websites got pretty good material, and we (DXAlpha / DeusExNetwork) got some related material as well, but never processed into a decent / properly searchable archive.

Could we perhaps chat/talk some time? Maybe you can PM me your contact details.
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