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Postby -HDD21- » Fri Oct 25, 13 6:36 pm

*EDIT 3/27/2014: GAMESPY is due to close down within the next couple of months*
SECOND EDIT: 08/05/2014:

Now I am no longer using UCC my options are open significantly, this will now work for any game on the unreal engine although the application I am using I am helping test for security This means, that the ports are the unreal default, so if hosters could please change it
to what it is now which it will stay, however unreal hosters need do nothing, add it as:

ServerActors=IpServer.UdpServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900

Or if using nepthys: ServerActors=Nephthys.NptServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900

The Query port is: 28900 as default so if using it in the menuscreen.joingame area no changes to MasterServerTCP port is needed, in DX-SL etc keep port as 28900. Should now accept heartbeats from all versions without the stupid issues UCC was having.

It came to my attention recently that gamespy is now owned by Glu mobile. I play sometimes both Unreal and Deus Ex when I am not busy, and have a 24/7 server for the purposes of game server use, which I am willing to lend a hand with it in any way I can. I host a backup server for unreal on the default ports. I have decided to host one for Deus Ex also, this is on a server that is on a fibre connection, complete with backup power supply of my own custom design on the low powered machine, router and modem which is on a FTTC connection, syncing at 20mbps up, 72 down.

I know we need a way for new players to edit their inis, but thats not what I am focused on, I am focused on to provide this to the community who may do with it what they see fit.

ServerActors=Nephthys.NptServerUplink MasterServerPort=27900

in the game (to be used in the event of a gamespy downtime:

when gamespy is normal:

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Postby bambi » Mon Jan 20, 14 4:53 pm

hey, my friend Poor needs a server to host his WWII mod, which is really awesome. In game, what name do you use?

Also, thanks for the server info
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Gamespy closing down

Postby -HDD21- » Sat Apr 05, 14 10:38 am ... 1396672746

its been a good run, but a sad time :( I have just moved house but should be up again in no time, had a week of downtime, will keep everyone posted

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