[Time] Google’s Calico: the War on Aging Has Truly Begun

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[Time] Google’s Calico: the War on Aging Has Truly Begun

Postby Aidan » Thu Sep 19, 13 5:53 pm

Yeah, so Page reassumed role as CEO in Google which is badass because he's starting all these cool side projects. The coolest project of them all, is Calico. Calico is Google's new subsidiary focused on Medical research. With the profits Google brings to the table annually, it's most likely going to be more effective than any government research on this given medical subject.

It's happening guys. h+.

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Postby Clancy Stein » Tue Oct 15, 13 11:53 pm

Bill Gates and the Eugenics program...
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Postby Aidan » Wed Oct 16, 13 12:21 am

Yeah, I'd like to know more before coming to any rushed conclusion though. Being an h+ advocate, I like where it's headed.

Just because (Godwin's law, wait for it...) Hitler, and his SS initially created the Eugenics program doesn't mean it's 100% bad. There are many ways Hitler DID actually improve Germany, and other regions of the world.

The hitler = bad therefore hitler science = bad is a weak argument, because many inventions we use today are in-fact Nazi-Tech (even if by origin).

computer, invented by Konrad Zuse 1941.
Jet plane in 1939 by Heinkel Flugzeugwerke.
The first manned rocket flight in 1945 (unfortunately it lasted only some seconds and pilot Lothar Sieber died)
Nazi doctors, in line with their campaign for public health were the first to write a major scientific paper linking smoking with lung cancer, I believe smoking was even banned, for a brief time in the Luftwaffee.
Nazis invented Nerve gasses Sarin and Tabun.
Invented first effective automatic rifle, single person anti-tank weapons (precursors to RPGs).
You can see some magnificant architecture by Speer that was planned in nearly any documentary on the man.
Stealth technolgy was invented by the Horten brothers during the Reich.
Audio technology using magnetic tape was a Third Reich invention. Copying German tape recorders was how the famous American corporation Ampex got its start. Magnetic tape was also essential later for the video tape recorder. Allies hadn't a clue how the Axis was transmitting speeches and programs hours apart to different locations and having them sound "live." It was top of the list of technologies to capture as the war concluded.
Management systems for keeping massive and complex development programs on track was another "invention" transferred to the US, along with its scientists and project managers. These systems allowed the Germans to have developments underway in numerous categories and perform them remarkably well.
The Wankel engine, which is now referred to as the "rotary engine" was invented during the Third Reich. Mazda uses this engine extensively.

Someone mentioned the Autobahnen as really an idea thought up during the Weimar Republic. Yes, but that brings to light another achievement, and that is simply the will and energy to put unemployed workers to work doing things that needed to be done, something the Weimar government was totally inept at doing. "Parliamentary chaos" combined with acquiescence to WWI reparations were the problems.

Missile technology: Ground-to-ground, air-to-air, air-to-ground, ground-to-air, ship-to-ship, etc., using wire guidance, TV guidance, IR guidance (everything but laser quidance). Most of these missiles were not at the highest form of development, but their work launched and made a bundle of money later on for corporations like Boeing, Raytheon, Hughes Aircraft, North American Aviation (Rocketdyne Div.), etc. All of these companies had their German "Chief Scientist" heading up research and development operations.

The promising IR technologies were mostly all developed during the Third Reich. They had "night vision" devices while the Allies were still wondering if such things were possible.

Modern sewer treatment facilities are all derived from Third Reich technology. You've probably seen them with their settling ponds and huge skimmers.

While the Englishman, Farnsworth, gets credit for the invention of a very rudimentary television, it was the Third Reich that perfected television and conducted the first broadcasting.

Application of geophones for seismic wave detection was used for locating artillary.

The "wishbone cannon" was invented and installed at Calais, France. It was destroyed before it was operable.

The "rail gun" was another significant invention, which the US and SU copied. This weapon employes a series of ring magnets to propell a rail mounted projectile. The significant feature of this "gun" is that it can accelerate the projectile at a speed nearing infinity -- at least in theory. Conventional explosives are limited by their individual, finite rates of expansion and hence constrained in how fast they can make a projectile move.

The intial "invention" of the Third Reich that made everything possible was the breaking away from the international banking system, which made its money on debt finance; i.e., usury. This act was probably the most important event which caused WWII to later occur. In the Thirties the German economy was booming and all sorts of new humane benefits were granted to workers. Elsewhere, deep economic depression was underway, and Roosevelt, for instance, really couldn't get things to moving until we went into a war economy mode.

In all, 300,000 patents and copyrights were expropriated from Germany by the Allies after 1945.

The Fischer-Tropsch process to produce synthetic fuels from coal, which fueled Germany's armed forces throughout the war.

The dicovery of the ingesting of faecal bacteria to cure gut problems

Dr Morell used his Mutaflor to treat Hitler's foul smelling stools. And used today as Symbioflor http://www.biosym.dk..._symbioflor.htm

The chemical enhancing of soldiers' ability to fight

During the Nazi era, German scientists and engineers either developed or greatly improved television, jet-propelled aircraft (including the ejection seat), guided missiles, electronic computers, the electron microscope, atomic fission, data-processing technologies, pesticides, and, of course, the world's first industrial murder complexes. The first magnetic tape recording was of a speech by Hitler, and the nerve gases Sarin and Tabun were Nazi inventions.

Third Reich scientists also performed extensive work in the area of occupational carcinogenesis. Physicians documented the health hazards of asbestos, and in 1943 Germany became the first nation to recognize lung cancer and mesothelioma caused by asbestos inhalation as compensable occupational illnesses.
Nazi Germany also pioneered what we now call experimental epidemiology: two striking papers -- a 1939 article by Franz H. Müller of Cologne, and a 1943 paper by Eberhard Schairer and Erich Schöniger of Jena -- presented the most convincing demonstrations up to that time that cigarettes were a major cause of lung cancer.

Inflatable sex doll - Dr. Rudolf Chargeheimer, a psychiatrist appointed by Himmler to help develop the prototype, wrote that "the purpose and goal of the dolls is to relieve our soldiers. They have to fight and not to mingle with 'foreign women.'"

The opiate drugs methadone (the heroin substitute) and pethidine (a powerful pain killer) were Nazi inventions.

Our society, in fact Western society in general, absorbed as much of the Nazi technology and social control mechanisms as we could lay our grubby hands on. Turbine engines (the kind on airplanes and in powerplants), modern aircraft designs, rockets, superhighways, propaganda techniques, political manipulation, modern insecticides, nerve gas and audiotape are all Nazi inventions. We didn't invent them, and we weren't working on them at the same time. We took them from the Nazis wholesale (and we were entirely right to do so). Oddly, I'm not hearing anyone getting bent out of shape about the existence of freeways. http://billrushing.org/id169.html

Much of what we know about hypothermia (re-warming techniques and cold-water suits) comes, chillingly, from Nazi medical experiments.

Custom-designed, IBM-produced punch cards, sorted by IBM machines leased to the Nazis, helped organize and manage the initial identification and social expulsion of Jews and others, the confiscation of their property, their ghettoization, their deportation, and, ultimately, even their extermination.
IBM's German subsidiary was Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft, known by the acronym Dehomag.
For example, one series of punch cards was designed to record religion, national origin, and mother tongue, but by creating special columns and rows for Jew, Polish language, Polish nationality, the fur trade as an occupation, and then Berlin, Nazis could quickly cross-tabulate, at the rate of 25,000 cards per hour, exactly how many Berlin furriers were Jews of Polish extraction. Railroad cars, which could take two weeks to locate and route, could be swiftly dispatched in just 48 hours by means of a vast network of punch-card machines. Indeed, IBM services coursed through the entire German infrastructure in Europe.

Microwave cooking (necessary for troops in Russia)

There IS always a chance that this project could be horrible. However, we do not know the complete details and technicalities. I remain a skeptic for now, but never assume one/the other.
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Postby Psychotic » Wed Oct 16, 13 7:16 am

I don't know if I should trust a man called "Page", heh.
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