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Postby Aidan » Tue Jan 07, 14 7:32 am

Made by the same dude that created Garry's mod.

In other words, DONT BUY IT. Seriously. It's only $20 right now because the theme in 2014 is now 'pre-release alpha' instead of (or additionally) DLC.

What you get is a rock, torch, medkit, and 400 hackers. Also, it takes for fucking ever to do shit, and it's boring as fuck. It's like DayZ meets Minecraft.

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Postby Psychotic » Tue Jan 07, 14 4:19 pm

Amusingly, "DayZ meets Minecraft" is how I described what it looked like to my mate. I'm still not willing to spend money on this thing, let alone on most "Early Access" titles.

To be fair, I am glad that they are called "Early Access" games now, though. Previously we'd slap an "alpha" or "beta" title onto the tag when all those are are cheap buzzwords used not only to generate hype but also as a cheap excuse to to justify long development times or horrendous glitches/balance problems.

Early Access isn't much better since it's still a cheap buzzword, but at least it's accurate. Most people only bother with betas as a way to get an early insight anyway.

Only Early Access title I liked and think is worth buying is StarBound. Minecraft was one of few games I paid money for it's alpha and that was actually released, which was a risk in and of itself. I'm not going to do the same for other games simply because they're vying for the same level of success through pre-release "deals".

StarBound's familiarity for me is that, like Minecraft, updates come very frequently for it, and because it's largely a sandbox Terraria spin-off anything I would want to do in it I can pretty much do now. As it stands, StarBound still has more content than Terraria, addon support not-withstanding.
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