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To The Moon

Postby ynnaD » Mon Mar 10, 14 1:11 am

A friend gifted me this game as i got a game from the Humble Bundle that i didn't need and gave it to him, and what a great trade off it was.

Basically, the story revolves around a dying man who asks a company to use their new found technology, which can grant the dying their final wish, and his was to travel to the moon, but he dosn't remember why he wants this, so the two main characters travel back through his memories to the earliest point to try and work this out.

Gameplay isn't anything special, basic point and click stuff where you find items in each memory you play to help the character remember more of his past, and when you find enough, you click on the moment, solve a slider puzzle, and continue with the story, this is a game purely enjoyed depending on your love of the story, and the story almost had me in tears, such a great game, really recommend it.
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