Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

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Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

Postby Alex » Tue Apr 15, 14 7:55 pm

Game: Team Fortress 2
Date: Somewhere this week? Tomorrow or Thursday perhaps? In the evening hours (somewhere between 19:00 CEST and 21:00 CEST?

It's Free 2 Play - no excuse not to play!
Maybe something like Highlander mode (which has class limits, only 1 per class per team) with regular games (Capture points, payload?), or maybe Mann vs Machine (Humans vs waves of bots).
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Re: Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

Postby Baleout » Tue Apr 15, 14 9:15 pm

I'll play this whenever. Highlander's good.
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Re: Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

Postby Aidan » Wed Apr 16, 14 8:44 am

I have friday saturday and sunday off, but wednesday till 3 doesn't work for me because I'm working. Welp
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Re: Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

Postby Mastakilla » Sat Apr 19, 14 7:47 pm

Has this happened
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Re: Let's Play! - Team Fortress 2

Postby James » Sat Apr 19, 14 9:31 pm

No neither did the l4d lol
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