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Postby James » Sun Aug 22, 10 8:57 pm

Needs more awareness about the videogame, comic book and movie.


Scott Pilgrim is a silly comic with great writing and bad art that may or may not appeal to you.

SCOTT PILGRIM is a Canadian 23 year old unemployed down and out loser nerd living in a small one room apartment in one room (minus the bathroom!) with his gay friend Wallace Wells, they only have one bed and share the nights together.

SCOTT PILGRIM plays in a really crappy rock band with ex-girlfriend Kim Pine and Stephen Stills (arguably the only talent in the band) called Sex Bob-omb. SCOTT PILGRIM is dating a asian 17 year old calls Knives Chau who goes to a uniformed Catholic school who he has not touched at all. (Thank God?) His friends say it's a phase and running away from a relationship he was dumped from and not received any closure at all.

SCOTT PILGRIM has a dream where he sees a girl in rollerblades and weird hair, he sees this girl in real life and stalks her at a party (totally okay because he saw her in a dream right!!!). SCOTT PILGRIM finds out her name is RAMONA FLOWERS (a weird ass name), an American girl who has recently moved to town and works for delivery.

SCOTT PILGRIM orders a cd from to get her to come to his house so he can ask her on a date, SCOTT PILGRIM is successful and they go on some sort of lame date but ends with them sleeping together (NOT THE SEX KIND BUT THEY ALMOST DID) at her place. SCOTT PILGRIM askes RAMONA FLOWERS to come to see Sex-Bob-omb and she's like sure okay.

SCOTT PILGRIM should know RAMONA FLOWERS has a lot of baggage like 7 EVIL EX-BOYFRIENDS out to kill SCOTT PILGRIM

Scott Pilgrim is a really silly comic series, game and movie. It's worth trying to see what all the fuss is about. It's immature whacky but most importantly it's a "don't be a lazy cunt and don't be a dick to your friends and partners.) It's definitely one of the best movies this Summer too if you thought Expendables was bad and haven't yet seen Inception yet. Go try it.
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Postby lfcjake » Tue May 10, 11 3:04 pm

I thought the film was pretty badass. Enjoyed it alot.
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