[HELP] How to decache?

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[HELP] How to decache?

Postby atrey65789 » Wed Mar 21, 12 2:44 am

Show me the way!
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Postby Mastakilla » Wed Mar 21, 12 3:51 am

If I recall correctly, you gotta find out which file in the cache is the file you want to decache, usually you can find this out if you write down or remember the file size when you were downloading it from the server. Then you just simply rename it to the original filename, which is also displayed when you're downloading. Make sure you change the extension aswell (.dx for maps .u for mods (or packages, whatever you wanna call it) .utx for textures .umx(?) for music)

Also if you're decaching maps make sure you're decaching the used textures and mods aswell if any or it wont do you much good.

I didn't decache much myself but I think that's the basic principle of it. Hope it helps.
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Postby Kaiden » Wed Mar 21, 12 4:06 am

Was just something like emptying your cache folder, joining a server then checking the new files in your cache folder for the right one and renaming it, never did it myself.
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Postby atrey65789 » Wed Mar 21, 12 4:06 am

Worked. Thanks
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