spawning Gas Grenades in DX 1

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spawning Gas Grenades in DX 1

Postby johnb1 » Wed Feb 18, 15 7:25 pm

Enjoying the heck out of Deus Ex-got it working in Crossover, installed the HD patch, looks good. Played through Red sun as well. Here's my question. I've tried to summon/ spawn Gas Grenades as ammo, but all that comes up on the screen are rainbow colored boxes labelled "THIS IS A BUG", and the status message on the top of screen says "Report as a Bug". same thing with spawning nano-keys-can't do it, period. on a side note, with DX Nihilum and Red sun, I've noticed that once in a while, the item or weapon in my hand disappears and I can't use it, or anything from my tool belt. However, if I drop it and pick it up, sometimes that solves the problem, as does reloading the level? Weird, no?

Yes, I know, I shouldn't cheat i n the game, but it's so fun, and if it's possible, then why not?
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thanks for any replies/help

John B
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Re: spawning Gas Grenades in DX 1

Postby Kaiden » Sat Feb 21, 15 5:03 pm

I assume you can't just do summon weapongasgrenade to have it spawn as a useable object in-front of you?
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