Problem finding Thanatos generators

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Problem finding Thanatos generators

Postby efix » Mon Nov 21, 11 12:48 pm

I hope this forum is still active and somebody can help me. I'm stuck in the last level and can't get to Thanatos, as I can't find one of the generators. The FAQ says on level 1 and between level 3 and 4 of the cave (by which I presume they mean the levels around the rocket silo?). Well, one generator is on level 2, which you can't access via the elevator but only through the rocket silo directly. But I can't locate the second one, which needs to be activated to get to the last one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Postby EXetoC » Mon Nov 21, 11 9:56 pm

I don't remember exactly how i did it, but i think i activated about three things in that area, one of which was in that area surrounded by rocks or whatever. I think that's when i was able to progress further, by going back to the previous area using the elevator. There are two large gates there, one of which you haven't been able to go through before.

EDIT: I just remembered something else that might be of relevance. There's a switch right next to an engineer and two repair bots. You can get there by going through the tunnels above the area with the two large gates.
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Postby efix » Tue Nov 22, 11 7:55 am

I found it. Throughout the level around the elevator and the rocket silo, two generators and two routers have to be activated - you've got to search the whole level to find them. Then on the way to the Thanatos cave, there's one more router below the floor.
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Postby ggrotz » Fri Jan 18, 13 9:31 am

For those that are needing help with this question, here's a little walkthrough I wrote on another site (which I can't link to right now for forum rules) on that last level. It should guide you to everything you could ever want in that level.

Passing the Last Level (or where are those generators and network switches? Also the super-cool way to do it without multitools or lockpicks)

(this description starts after the "Titan hacking Thanatos" cutscene)
1. When you start the level, go to the right and you'll find a Tower of Babel in the corner. Climb up that using a small crate as an aid until you reach the catwalk. Run across the catwalk and climb the ladder you should see in the middle.
2. You will be in a tube. There's a hole that leads directly down in behind the locked door that was to your left at the beginning. You can go that way, or try jumping across the hole (it's a trick w/o the cybernetic legs, but possible, very easy with them at level 2 though).
3. If you jump across the hole, go straight ahead and climb the ladder. Here is the first generator. There will be a workman there who will challenge you and later open fire on you when you turn this generator on. Go back the way you came.
4. If you follow the tube to the left or right you can fall down on another catwalk. This is advantageous if you played in a way that the Omar are not there and have to fight MJ12. Deal with them (if need be), or fall down to the floor and talk to the Omar (deal with the surprise attack afterwards).
5. Go to the elevator and select floor 4. Follow the hallway to the right (watch the security bot) to the end and then turn on one of the network switches. If you didn't jump across the hole successfully in step #2, the room to the right has another Tower of Babel you can climb (you need to grab the big crate and two small crates from the room to the left) to get into a tube which leads to the generator in step #3.
6. Crawl back the other way through the floor and into a ventilation shaft. The ventilation shaft will lead into a room with 3 MJ12 troopers and the missile launch password. Be sure to open the safe in that room to grab an assortment of grenades. Go out the main door and proceed to the elevator.
7. Select Floor 1. Go through the hallway to the room with the medbot. Be sure to multitool the panel to grab an aug upgrade. Jump into the vent shaft between the two beds (it's possible). Take the immediate right (don't exit) for 100 skill points and go back the way you came and continue on down the shaft.
8. You will end up in the shaft where you will find the missile. Climb down the ladder two floors until you see a door that's wedged open by a box. Go in and find the switch to the second generator. Now the door to Thanatos is open. Be ready for an ambush by 2 MJ12 troopers wearing thermoptic camo.
9. Go back to the room with the generator switch and find the entrance to another vent shaft. Follow it out. Climb up for 100 skill points, a LAM and a red battery. Climb down and follow the vent shaft until you reach the ceiling above the room where you launch the missile. Attack all the MIB and troopers from the ceiling and use it for cover. Be sure to stun the WIB instead of killing her for an aug upgrade. Enter your missile launch login if need be.
10. Exit the room through the lobby to the ladder. At the room you find one floor up will be the other network switch.
11. Climb up the rest of the way back to the room with the medbot. Now you are ready to end the game. Take the door out the hall and to the right if you want the missile launch ending, or if you want the Omar ending and you invited Vladimir Grigoryev along and need to kill him to proceed. If you want one of the other two endings, go to the elevator and select floor 5. If you didn't invite Vladimir Grigoryev along and have the Omars there, you'll need to fight him now.
12. Proceed through the door to Thanatos. The third network switch for the Titan ending is in that map, and should be easily found.

Hope it helps.
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