Another server issue :(

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Another server issue :(

Postby DeViL » Thu Jul 30, 15 9:27 pm

Ok... So I was able to get it up and running with the full version of DX... Now on a remote server I installed the Goty edition, the server shows up in the server list however from 3 different locations I am unable to connect to it..

Server Side

Ports opened
Firewall allowed UDP/TCP 7790-7792

Installed Mods

Config files are fine as I hosted on home connection with no problems

The only difference between both servers is the off-site is using the Goty editon my Home server is using the full version

Waiting for reply....
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Re: Another server issue :(

Postby synthetic » Fri Jul 31, 15 5:10 pm

Since you've opened the correct ports and can see the server, and goty edition iirc won't present any particular issues besides the cathedral map mismatch, I would recommend that you check both server log file just after you've tried to enter, and also your own client log file (can start game with -log to see it in real time).

One of the logs should give you fair idea whats happening.

edit: I am assuming that you do know about the cathedral mismatch and would recognize the "version mismatch" error on your monitor as a clear indicator of whats happening. Also, your server should show up here:
If it doesn't show up there you'll have to use "open IP:PORT" command from console most likely.

edit2: I can enter your server just fine and aside totally fucked up gamespeed that is way worse than any "mods/bs" it seemed to work fine. If you want to host goty cath then rename it into something else like DXMP_SpeedbunnyCath
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