REQUEST/QUESTIONS Need Modern Weapons/Models

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REQUEST/QUESTIONS Need Modern Weapons/Models

Postby Captain_Destro » Thu Sep 29, 11 5:47 pm

I'm working on a game play mod. I am basically replacing all NPC inventory/weapons on a map with modern weapons. I had a rough trial run ready which included: Cassandra Weapons/Clyzmsmod/TNM(HDTP Glock/Rifle)/Hardcore(Borrowed UMP/FAMAS) along with some modded vanilla stuff. But after seeing 2027's weapons I felt like I could do better with it. I didn't release any of it yet it's mostly been for personal use so far.

All I wish to do is breath some life back into regular Deus Ex with some modern weapons. So if anyone has some models I could use I would really appreciate it. I would give credit where it is due.

Also another question, is it possible to import models from the goldsrc engine to unreal? I am honestly thinking counter strike models to be honest lol. Would I want to use Milkshape 3d for this?

I'd take anything you guys could spare or offer. Or if you have any un-used models laying around.
I need at least...

AK Series (47/74 either one)
M4 Series (Could use the Colt commando in Clyzms pack)
M16(Would rock if anyone has one)
G36 (I could edit Cassandras but it might look out of place)
G36C (Clyzms mod has this)
Pump Action Shotgun (Clyzms is good but another type would be cool)
SPAS12- (Cassandra's looks a little skinny IMO)
MP5 (Clyzms looks good. I'm unsure if I want to have dual MP5s though)
UMP (If I could use Clyzm's with his permission it's in this forum)
FAMAS (If I could use Clyzm's with his permission it's in this forum)
MAC10's- I need silenced and unsilenced :S Clyzmsmod has one of those though. Hmm Dual Mac10's... I'm thinking too much about half life.
Strong Pistols- I already have pistols some from Clyzm's mod/HDTP but are there any cowboy style colt revolvers? Those would rock honestly.
Some realistic looking Sniper Rifle's would be nice. (AWP/Dragonuv/Etc)

I'd give credit to where it is due again. Also if anyone can supply me with models you guys will be the first ones to play/test it out.

In addition to modern weapons, the AI will be ramped up. No longer with the game be a joke on realistic. But you will still be able to stealth. It will be based off of Shifter as well, so it will be compatible with HDTP/Deus Ex Enhanced/New Vision

Edit: I would also like to ask permission to use Clyzmsmod/Models for this project (p90/M4/Dual Mp5s/etc) in the Alpha Labs forum.
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