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Internet Censorship General (SOPA, ACTA, Network neutrality etc)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 11 9:47 am
by ~DJ~

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 11 6:36 pm
by Tantalus
Wasn't ACTA trashed a year ago?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 30, 11 6:57 pm
by James
nah. still going on.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 12 6:59 pm
by ~DJ~

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 12 7:07 pm
by James
Without going too much into it, it is something I will never stand for. The two reasons that bother me the most is the tracking permitted and further laws that will limit the content avaliable online. (e.g. My passion for videogame streaming.)

Thank you for bringing the video news report to my attention.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 12 10:06 pm
by Tantalus

Sign the petition to show to the European Council.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 12 10:11 pm
by James
Signed, can't believe I missed this one. Been using Avaaz a lot lately.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 12 7:57 am
by James
Edited title.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 12 9:22 pm
by Psychotic
My biggest concern with bills like this is that it can be hard for international supporters (those against the bill) to vote against them, simply because they're not in the country the bill's being passed.

I've never done much research into this, however, and I vote on all online petitions regardless; I'm not entirely sure how much effect those have, though.

I just think it's completely stupid and unfair to try and pass bills that don't just affect one country but possibly the entire world, and bills like SOPA do. I think it's just as stupid that governments and corporations actually have the arrogance to think they can even control something as large and global as the internet.