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Postby James » Tue Apr 17, 12 8:25 am

You are to discuss how you please about issues in this section.
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Postby Aidan » Tue Apr 17, 12 8:42 am

Magniir wrote:I wouldn't call myself apart of that 1%, just that I prefer raging on Facebook than to somebody's face directly.

I'm not really a fan of venting to people in general, even though I've done so in the past, because I find it unfair on that person. I don't mind if people vent to me but they must come to expect that I'll respond with my opinions on the matter, that's my price for your venting. I don't vent to others not because I don't like paying the price but rather, I don't want to make people feel obligated to respond.

I do so on Facebook but I don't expect nor want people to respond, so I don't consider myself attention-seeking. Here's a recent example of a more serious ragefest ("rage" because it includes the word "fuck" in it):

Magniir wrote:"Network busy."

At what? 5am in the fucking morning? Fuck you Telecom, you lying nutsacks.

Or this one, which I suppose could be considered a rant as it can be discussion-worthy, though in a serious discussion I'd probably remove the random insults:

Magniir wrote:There are two things in this world that give me instant nerdrage:

1. People who say Microsft Windows = PC and Mac = Mac. No. You're wrong. Windows is a Windows, Mac is a Mac. Both are PC's. Learn this you stupid fucknuts.

2. People on websites like TradeMe.co.nz who, when selling a multi-core CPU (such as a 2.6 GHz quad-core CPU), advertise it as having a total of "10.4 GHz processing powarz!". No. You're also a fucknut. 2.6 x 4 is indeed 10.4, but you ain't going to be seeing that speed a lot you filthy cockgobbler.

Then there's this, which is me venting when Firefox decided it didn't like me anymore, but putting a light-hearted spin on things:

Magniir wrote:Dear Firefox,

You used to be cool, man. Then you learnt about memory leaks. Now you're just another one of those memory hogs who can't get enough of the crack.

Get some help, then maybe we can hang out again.

Mr. Tastix

Honestly though, after posting these, it's made me realise I don't post this shit nearly as much as I thought I did. I had to scroll through a lot of random status updates (of my own) to actually find these. :P

Yeah, I make posts like this every now and then man, haha. This isn't what we mean by 'vent' though.

I'm talking about people who vent about (hardcore) serious issues in their life [tbh, I used to do it back in the day. Not anymore though]. People that would type posts of such ridiculousness, in which your ears would actually bleed reading the context.
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Postby ynnaD » Tue Apr 17, 12 3:01 pm

~þsÿçhø~ wrote:My laptops screen is broke, how can i fix it?

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Postby Hanover Fist » Tue Apr 17, 12 9:28 pm

Likes your post
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Postby Siva » Thu May 10, 12 10:26 pm

On the subject of Facebook, if I didn't have it I wouldn't be nearly as close to my half-sister as I am now tbh. Social media is a beautiful thing.
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