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'People on Benefits make more than I do with a job.'

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 12 5:24 pm
by Siva

No they really don't.

Just because you read an article in the Sun that one time about Abeeza Hamed who managed to claim for a half million pound house for him and his 13 children does not mean this is in any way representative of the majority.

People on benefits have it fucking difficult, man. The only reason that any of them can afford those HDTV's or those SPINNIN RIMS is because of finance/HP/credit which keeps them poor, and on benefits. And no, I am not in any way supporting poor people buying expensive things beyond their means.

Okay, so life is hard. After you take taxes, fuel, bills, rent, and essentials out of your wallet, you probably have very little left to truly enjoy yourself. Welp, benefits is just like that. They don't have to pay much rent, or much in bills, and they don't get taxed most of the time. They probably cannot even afford a car to buy fuel, and then after that, they will have much less than you do. Which usually goes to the provident lady, or into the coffers of the local pub landlord.

Nah, I'm not saying those on benefits are doing it right, if you have been on them for more than a year you better be disabled or studying something otherwise you have definitely fucked something up. That said, I just get really tired of people speaking like claiming benefits suddenly makes life easy. It doesn't, it brings you headfirst into a societal underclass, and then it keeps you there if you're incapable or short sighted.

For reference, neither I nor anyone in my household has lived off benefits for more than 2 months at a time. And yeah, at the moment I do claim disability because schizo medication is expensive. The rest of it goes toward food and cigarettes whilst I save what I actually earn (DONT TELL DA GUBMINT)

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 12 6:35 pm
by Psychotic
I am sick and tired of people bitching about their minimum wage jobs whilst I'm sitting here on barely $180/wk, paying $140/wk for rent and trying to keep myself alive whilst simultaneously studying.

I can't even afford fucking medical costs because they're 3x the average rate in the city centre and I still get people bitching at me.

Fuck you. I'm risking life and damn death not paying those medical bills and all you're worried about is not having a fancy car with a TV inside it? I should smack your face in where you stand.


Anyway, I have actually had people bitch like that to me whilst they're in a job. Shit's bad enough for me that I've had to ask my parents for extra money.

It's hard for everyone right now. I'm back to studying not only because I want to but because I couldn't find a job. What actually annoys me more is the people on benefits claiming they can't find work but refuse to study to get a decent job.

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 12 6:08 am
by Mastakilla
I don't think they have it easy, but you can't deny there are people who will happily sit on their arse to receive benefits. That's the issue I think. "Why work when I can get money for doing nothing" mentality.

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 12 6:26 am
by Psychotic
Mastakilla wrote:I don't think they have it easy, but you can't deny there are people who will happily sit on their arse to receive benefits. That's the issue I think. "Why work when I can get money for doing nothing" mentality.

I dislike these people more than those who think I don't have it hard.

The latter are just ignorant, but the former are extremely lazy.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 12 10:59 pm
by Alistair
I'm in the benefit-trap at the moment having just finished my A-Levels (Pre-degree qualifications at UK College)

The incentive for getting a job should be the financial reward.

If the financial reward isn't there, what's the incentive?

You're just working yourself into poverty.

Completely backwards system.

I'm currently doing a Cisco qualification so I can get a job where I can afford to work and be significantly better off!

As for the people that abuse the system - where there are users, there are abusers (ie, food, alcohol and other worldly vices)

Govt needs to stop trying to "plan" the economy and messing up the value of the currency creating fake equilibriums for the currency, creating wage problems and employment issues.