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Postby Clancy Stein » Sun Mar 23, 14 8:15 pm

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Postby Alistair » Wed Apr 15, 15 10:51 am

It's totally fucked up how the entire nation is played by this game.

Even more fucked up is how the masses perceive that their political vote will have long-term impact on the capitalist economy.

Sure voting for a socialist may increase jobs by spending, and sure voting for a conservative party could reduce national debt - but ultimately the end goal is the same, a debt-based economy where the money in circulation exceeds the assets available in the bank, even more ludicrous is that this excess is then lent out with interest.

The Bank of England / Fed Reserve then attempts to try dampen the effects of this imbalance by "regulating" the economy through monetary and fiscal policy. Regardless if interest rates and/or taxes are manipulated, the net-effect is still the same - a boom and bust economy where the poor lose out - it is essentially a roulette table for the rich who can buy up cheap assets every time a crash takes place.

Hence why I have zero voting confidence and haven't voted so far, perhaps I will vote this year as I see the threat of the conservatives on the horizon - economically neither party inspires me for the reasons stated above. When the masses get driven so fucking crazy by generations of this bullshit, tyrants then arise, inspiring the alienated masses with a land of milk and honey, which they then believe out of desperation.

It's in the embryonic stages in Britain thankfully not in the mainstream but we see it emerging, far right groups blaming minorities for the corruption of "British" lifestyle or "ethics", instead of blaming our homegrown British politicians for their unscrupulous policies - if that is indeed the problem.

A simplistic but ample analysis I think.
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