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Trump, Brexit, Rise of Populism

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 16 11:04 am
by synthetic
So, United States has a new president, and you're all.. fired! Not being a resident there, I have but my friends' feedback to go by, and things seem - well, upset is an understatement. People are more upset than they should be, all the while (generally) not aware how upset they should be.
The part where doom'sday packages were sold in the event *either* candidate won, that was probably the best I heard from the rally there. For the salesman, it was a win-win no matter how you looked at it, and for a common american it was a tragedy whichever candidate finally got elected.

Electing a black president was a precedent, electing a retarded president is not a precedent and ultimately all that america now got is Bush vol.2. And, as past has shown, having a retard for a president doesn't have much of an impact. Those that at this point are eager to point at Iraq war should think about the bigger picture, in which no war would've taken place if Bush was the *only* politician there to support it. On the same lane of thought, Trump likely doesn't know of any countries outside the states anyway.

Why this development and the Brexit mentioned in the title are upsetting, is primarily because in order to keep us from falling back into the darkages, there needs to be political and cultural pressure, woven into a thick web of cooperative relations. As soon as you grant any one individual a true freedom, they will begin to bash rocks together. You don't have to take my word for it, just keep it in mind and look for examples of free populations not bound by laws or regulations. You will see them bash rocks together.

I think Hungary electing that pig Orban was a major disaster, and things do not look good in Poland either, but if we compare the influence US has to the influence that Hungary does not have, you can see why one may be a more significant setback for humanity than the other. Exactly same goes to the hilarious fiasco that happened in UK.
Here I want to quote the words of the leader of a local pro-bible/anti-nigger party: (On the news of Trump having been successfully elected) "I haven't smiled this much since Brexit, I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time from happiness".
I brought that quote to show that no matter which side of the opinion you may stand at, these events are very clearly and very strongly connected.

I'd use the opportunity to take a quick look at Turkey as well. Still not admitting their own local holocaust, still interested in joining the EU (well, actually, latest news may provide some conflicting pieces on that, but lets go by the past trend here), and still with a populist radical asshat for a president.
Greece is already old news.

If things are shit outside the western world we don't need to create more instability inside our alliances and unions. The popculture icon and a local hero Putin has been visibly happy about every single development listed in this post (temporary skirmish with the sultan aside), you may want to ask yourself why.

Re: Trump, Brexit, Rise of Populism

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 16 5:26 pm
by Kaiden
Generally people I spoke to said they'd prefer Trump over Hillary just for the fact Hillary wasn't particularly likeable. The fact they hammered on the emails and FBI probes so much probably had a pretty massive impact.

Re: Trump, Brexit, Rise of Populism

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 16 8:46 pm
by synthetic
Oh, I kinda forgot to mention Hollande or Weisse Alternative für Deutschland party, or Timo Soini. Oh well, would've just made the post bigger.

I think that's how it was, yeah, Kaiden. I kinda like Sam Harris' take on the various presidents and candidates. Hillary was a bad option and Trump wasn't an option. Now we have the non-option leading the most powerful country in advanced world, because some people wanted to see what would happen. Well, guess now we wait and see, to see what will happen.

Re: Trump, Brexit, Rise of Populism

PostPosted: Tue Jun 20, 17 4:53 pm
by synthetic
I am celebrating the seats that both the left-wing (Melenchon) and right-wing extremists (Le Pen) got in French parliament this last election, with this timeless classic:

And now to the Left!
And now to the Right!
Clap your hands!
Move your behind!
And dance the Mussolini!
And now Adolf Hitler!
And now Jesus Christ!
And now Communism!

Re: Trump, Brexit, Rise of Populism

PostPosted: Tue May 24, 22 4:37 pm
by SpreadLoveNotHate
It only matters if you make it matter. None of the racist rants and hate being promoted matters, unless you make it matter. If you dont entertain any of the bs then how can it matter? If everyone ignored every single statement on race and just lived their lives they would be fine.

Though I can see that mainly in the US and EU is where the whole race and hate promoting is taking place.