Nephthys mod: How to install on gameservers through FTP

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Nephthys mod: How to install on gameservers through FTP

Postby Alex » Sat Dec 27, 08 9:54 pm

All serverhosters might know this issue.

You just got this brand new shiny awesome gameserver hosted for $$$ by a professional or not so professional company.

You want the best of the best software, and you want the best protection to protect it from script kiddies that are not worth mentioning here.

So you want Nephthys... No problem right? It has an automatic installer! It will do all the work for you!

You download Nephthys... to find out that it's a .exe and you only have FTP access, thus you cannot open the .exe on the server!
Now what do you do!? Do you leave the server unprotected? No longer required! Just follow this guide, and you will do just fine!

This guide assumes that you have experience with File Transfer Protocol servers!

Step 1: Download Nephthys
Go to the following thread:

And look for the most recent version of Nephthys. Often this is available at the last page of the thread.

Step 2: Extract Nephthys
Place the .zip - Which is an archive, which means it contains compressed file(s) - in a seperate folder.
I will be using a subdirectory I made in my DeusEx folder: "C:\DeusEx\Nephthys". You should also create a similar folder. Place the .zip in that folder, and extract it there.
Your folder should now contain: the .zip file, a .exe file, a file and a readme.txt
You can delete the two zip files and also the readme.txt, we won't be needing those.
Thus, you should be having the following:

Step 3: Download required files
Log into your FTP server and download the following files (Which can be found in the System folder):

These two files should be placed in the same subdirectory as your Nephthys .exe (installer) file, in my case "C:\DeusEx\Nephthys".
This folder should now contain three files:

Where the * (wildcard) can match numerous versions.

Step 4: The actual installation
This step will handle each and every page, it may be dull, but it is extra detailed for those who do not understand.
It is important to read this step!
  1. Start/open the .exe file (Nephthys_v*_inst.exe).
  2. Press 'Next >'
  3. Select "I accept the terms in the License Agreement" and press 'Next >'
  4. Select "Deus Ex" and press 'Next >'
  5. Uncheck "Nephthys Client" and press 'Next >'
  6. This page can possibly show information about 7-Zip. Just press 'Next >'
  7. "Do you want to skip the 7-Zip installation": Press 'Yes'
  8. Select your destination folder. The folder where I placed all of my files is "C:\DeusEx\Nephthys", so as destination folder I will pick "C:\DeusEx\". Press 'Next >'
    Do not ask why or what. Just do the same as I did.
  9. It now asks for two different things. "Please provide the name of the server's system folder".
    My folder with all of the files is "C:\DeusEx\Nephthys", so I will fill in "Nephthys" (without the quote symbols) in the field.
    Most likely it has "System" filled in. As for the second input field, let it stay on DeusEx.ini. Press 'Next >'
  10. Press 'Install'
  11. "Setup was completed successfully", press 'Next >'
  12. Press 'Finish'

Step 5: The installation on the server
Before doing this step, please shut down the server first.
Take a look at the directory with your files. It used to have only 3 files, and now it should have 11 files and 1 directory.
Upload all files except for the installer (Nephthys_v*_inst.exe) to your System directory on the FTP server. There is no need to upload the directory.
After the uploading finished, you can now restart the server.

Step 6: You're done!
You should be done now. If correct, Nephthys is successfully installed on your gameserver.
You can find out if it is actually installed by checking the server log for "Nephthys", it should mention it a few times.

I hope this guide will help many people in the future; I just made the world a bit safer again.
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Postby Kaiden » Sun Dec 28, 08 11:18 am

Nice and detailed, thanks ^_^.
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Postby ~SanguineRose~ » Sun Feb 08, 09 10:17 am

Skip a few steps.



Note: Only for upgrading, no DeusEx.ini is included with
all the required modifications.
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