Cozmo RPG v2 Release (Includes editable v1)

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Cozmo RPG v2 Release (Includes editable v1)

Postby China » Sun Oct 28, 12 12:34 pm

Cozmo RPG v2


Modification Coder/ Designer;



Level Designers;

Chinese Democracy, Shadowrunner
influenced by original Cozmo RPG v1 concept by Cozmo



Chinese Democracy, Shadowrunner


Level Design Feedback;

Flaw, SpecX


Skins, Textures and Weapons;



Also as an added bonus we've also included an editable version of Cozmo RPG v1, so mappers can have a play around with it and edit it to their liking or perhaps copy across the RPG elements into their own creations!

Download Link:

Special Thanks to Cozmo for truly bringing RPG to Deus Ex multiplayer and giving the community the opportunity to use the mod for there own creations, Shadowrunner for his idea of creating our own RPG map from scratch, and for his ability to stick to the somewhat difficult and frugal mapping brief, zXc clan for initial early hosting of the mod at no charge, DJ and Nobody for coding tech support and working snow for the Xmas version, Face for general support, mapping techniques and inspiration and also to the DXMP community for testing, feedback and patience!
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Postby Mastakilla » Sun Oct 28, 12 2:02 pm

Any server known to be hosting it soon?
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Postby Gishank » Mon Oct 29, 12 1:45 pm

Needs more high res screenshots.
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Postby Poor » Mon Oct 29, 12 5:23 pm

Cool. Can't wait to see it hosted.
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Postby Psycho » Thu Nov 01, 12 6:49 pm

Mastakilla wrote:Any server known to be hosting it soon?

It's currently hosted by Karky(?) I think.
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