Unreal Tournament Weapons pack

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Unreal Tournament Weapons pack

Postby Allan » Sun Dec 02, 12 4:26 am

Just thought I'd post here to gauge if there would be any interest in me porting the weapons from Unreal Tournament to DX. I'm planning to make improvements over TNAG by-

A: Making all 14 weapons function as they actually do in UT.
B: Using my server is authority firing code to make the boolits go where they display that they're going.
C: not having two conflicting packages with the same file name.
D: err... I'll think up something else. Promise. o:

So ya, give'us a shout if you're interested and I'll try and get this worked out in some downtime when I'm not beavering away on DXSM. ^_^
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Postby Aidan » Sun Dec 02, 12 5:39 am


Seriously. If you do this, I'lld be forever in your debt.

I am most excited about C
Psychokiller, spelled incorrectly.
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Postby James » Sun Dec 02, 12 9:25 am

I am dead.
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