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GMDX- Gameplay Mod

Postby CyberP » Wed Jan 09, 13 10:10 am

Give Me Deus Ex mode is a gameplay enhancing mod for Deus Ex (original) that focuses on providing more challenge for experienced players, plays off of the strongest aspect of Deus Ex- choice & consequence, and makes the game feel fresh again.

Visit ... =6&t=11639
For More info & Download Link.
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Postby CyberP » Sat Feb 16, 13 4:13 am

GMDX v2 released. Fixes all v1 bugs (and some more vanilla bugs too) and adds many new features & alterations.

Note this mod does not yet have the optional Iron Sights mechanic or the optional save system, those are still in development and will be included in v3.

GMDX on Moddb:

V2 Changelog:


-Regeneration Aug effectiveness significantly reduced.
-Energy Shield is now Passive/Always Active, does not drain energy.
-Spy Drone energy drain rate further reduced.


There are many additions/alterations to the skill system, some within the maps themselves (More environmental hazards for example). Note all the additions below are, well, additions. They do not replace the vanilla features of the skill system.

-Swimming skill is a requirement to swim in some areas, as there are no rebreathers to be found. You also cannot just swim with regeneneration augmentation activated either as drowning damage has been increased, and the regen aug is far less effective.
Taking swimming routes is also far more rewarding in some cases. (To sneak past tough enemies, plus some better pickups in some spots).
Karkians are more common in water but upgrading swimming to master will allow you to swim rings around them hacking away with even a combat knife for example, as master skill allows you to swim even faster than vanilla.
There is still the aqualung augmentation, but it is not as effective as swimming skill, and requires augmentation upgrades.

-Taking Environmental training each skill upgrade allows you to stack Hazmats, Ballistic Armour, Thermoptic Camos and Tech Goggles in the inventory, +1 stack to each item type each upgrade.
There are more hazards and tougher enemies in the maps so Environmental Training will greatly help if you choose the skill.

-Medicine skill gives you a small max health increase to head and torso each upgrade, but is very expensive.

-Computer has a high initial cost (Trained) but then descending costs afterwards.
added a new feature that adds a chance of being detected whilst hacking, higher skill less chance to be detected (Credit: eshkrw, but with GMDX changes).
Along with descending costs this further encourages veterans to take computer skill past Trained.

-Heavy weapons skill is cheaper as there is less ammo to be found in the mod.
There are also hardly any LAWs to be found. Probably about 2-3 in the whole game.
Flamethrower/fire damage has no effect on MIB Mk2 & Grays.
Gep gun deals less damage and has more recoil.
On a positive note, heavy weapons inventory size is now 6 instead of 8.

-Low-tech skill is needed for melee combat VS tough enemies, rather than just using the Dragons Tooth sword which made Melee skills/augs completely useless. Dragons Tooth Sword now deals far less damage.
Throwing Knifes are far better and more common, low-tech skill is useful for those too.
Riotprod needs the damage boost for the tougher enemies late in the game also.
Skill point requirement costs reduced by about 20%

-Demolitions Skill increases the amount of grenades you can carry, untrained-trained-advanced-master 3-5-7-9 respectively. Detonation timer untrained-trained-advanced-master 0.5, 1, 2, 4 respectively. Costs 1000, 2000, 3000.

-Pistol & Rifle Skill Remain untouched, although the guns have alterations themselves.

-Tech and Lockpicking have slightly lowered cost requirements, less tools/pick are to be found in the maps, and lowered percentage boosts gained from the skill (10% 15% 25% 50%).


-Smuggler's Custom Glock has many alterations to V1.
-Silenced Glock Inventoryname="Silenced Glock".
-Semi Auto now named CustomSniperRifle. Many stat alterations. Has custom skin.
-Gep Gun Further increased recoil and less damage.
-Dragons tooth Sword increased damage over V1.
-Mini Crossbow Damage increased.
-Increased the amount of Throwing knifes the player can carry by 5.
-Plasma Rifle ammo pickup ammount is now 8 instead of 12, as more enemies carry Plasma rifles.
-Sword now does double damage.
-Noise Level increase for most weapons (unsilenced weapons will alert enemies)
-Increased assualt gun damage, lowered recoil
-Baton Damage=10 (+3)
-Riot Prod clip size=2, but can have clip and reload mods
-Heavy weapons inventory size= 6 slots


-Further increased vision for NPCs
-SecurityBot3 (the one with wheels/treads) Moves much faster, but has slightly less health.
-Grays and Mibs cannot be set alight.
-Dogs slightly more dangerous.
-Much, much more in the maps.



-Fixed inventory "stacking behind" glitch (Credit: Yuki of Shifter)
-Fixed the Vandenburg infinite Skill points Glitch (Credit: Yuki of Shifter)
-Fixed the Gary savage infinite Skill points Glitch.
-Fixed new game pistol skill downgrade skill points Glitch. (Credit: Yuki of Shifter)


-Fixed a minor BSP related issue on the Gas Station map.
-Fixed a Minor BSP related issue on the Airfield Helibase map.
-Fixed regular crashing when transitioning from the HongKong_HeliBase map to the WanChai_Market map.
-Restored the health of a couple MJ12 Commandos back to default.
-Fixed super speed of a NSF on liberty insland back to default (was an oversight).
-MJ12 Elite now spawn appropriate carcasses.
-Female NSF now make the appropriate sound when knocked out.
-Fixed an error with the combat music on the Hong Kong Storage map.


-drag n drop inventory system a la System Shock. Highlight and drag any item from your inventory to the side/out of your inventory then release to drop the item. (Credit: eshkrw)
-Drowning damage increased, and whilst drowning vision is blurry.


There are many changes in the maps, but they are not detailed for spoiler reasons. Ok, just one as an example:
At the 'Ton hotel ambush Paul now cowers instead of fights. Why? Well, he said he is in pain and cannot even climb out the damn window, so how can he run about whilst absorbing a hail of bullets?
Also this gives more challenge to the player as you have to fight them all ALONE. Your reward is obviously saving paul, and a couple of the UNATCO troops have extra goodies. Your choice, as usual.
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