Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

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Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby WCCC » Mon Jun 15, 15 4:39 am

Just wrote one of these guys over at FGS a few minutes ago, trying to get the word out. Pardon my copy and paste for 90% of this post, ladies and gents.

Side note: such a hermit, I don't usually visit the forums often, but usually DXAlpha is my first choice, dunno why I did FGS first for posting, but hey, mix it up a little.

That being said: Hatchet. Hatchet is a mod for Deus Ex that is hoping to bring a new campaign and new universe and setting (and not like TNM where they referenced Deus Ex a lot in passing) to Deus Ex, and expand it with many, many new aspects off into the future.

Well what have we done so far?
-A new, freshly modeled arsenal of over 20 weapons.
-Deeper weapon function and environmental features (more detailed gore, item condition, iron sight usage, firing modes, throwing "one in the chamber", pumping and firing being separate for shotguns, etc)
-Total redone ability system. A little hush-hush outside of the dev team on this bit for now, but it involves an in-depth level-up system and actual ability TREES instead of just aug cannisters. Further, there are now "on-cast" abilities that allow for one-moment usage instead of chronic abilities that are always on.
-An in-depth crafting system involving recipes, a crafting skill (did I mention we revamped the skill system to be rather TES-esque? And not like the shitty thing, DSTNM product I made in high-school, ugh. Gross), and the ability to craft pickups, ammos, and weapons with different qualities and effects. Seriously, any ammo and weapon can be crafted- most ammos having anywhere between 9 or even as high as 16 different combinations of effects you can put together. Extra-pellet shotgun blasts? Sure. Multi-penetrating rifle rounds? Hell yeah. Incendiary hollowpoints? Sure, expect it to be costly though. The crafting system features very in-depth art brought to the canvas that really gets you into the setting for what your custom gear entails, like a Real G.
-That skill thing I mentioned parenthetically.
-A redone inventory system relying on weight instead of physical size, very bethesda-like in that sense. Other tweaks to inventory include being able to have multiple copies of the same item (oh look a crap quality 10mm with 87% condition and a standard quality with 96% condition, better sell the former), being able to bind ammos to your belt for quick, precise ammo changes, and vastly different carrying capacity for pickups and ammos. If you want to carry 30 medkits and 20 lockpicks, better reserve enough weight after your gun pile.
-More immersive NPC interaction. Quests with actual quest prompts and UI structure, on screen tracking even. Shops that allow you to buy and sell inventory as it's routinely swapped out over time or as you find new goodies you might want to pawn off. Pickpocketing is also a thing, with a fun sense of chance and mischief involved.
-Containers that you can put things into and take things out of, in an enumerated sense. This will later feed into player housing so you can store your excess stuff with a dash of leisure (can't just go walking around everywhere with your 40mm slugger in your pocket)
-Much, much more, and growing! Look up Hatchet on ModDB, at this point we have an arsenal of screen shots and various function demos as well.

Side note: We're looking to up our publicity a bit for the sake of growing and expanding our team. If Hatchet catches your interest and you'd like to know more or work with the current team (Which is about 3 or 4 men thus fur, dedicated as we are) feel free to PM me on ModDB or Email me at WhiteChocolateChipClock at Gmail dot com. Don't want to make an obstructive link just yet.

Thanks for your time, hopefully we'll be knocking your socks off one day!
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Re: Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby James » Mon Jun 15, 15 10:45 am

Good luck on the project, you've definitely caught my attention.
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Re: Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby Kekahusi » Mon Sep 14, 15 1:53 pm

I feel that here, yes it's real chill.
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Re: Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby Kaiden » Tue Sep 15, 15 4:46 pm

I don't get spam bots that just spam and don't even send you to viagra links and stuff, I guess it's meant to have a signature with spam in.

Also it's chill here.
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Re: Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby Allan » Tue Sep 15, 15 8:54 pm

Chill like a mortuary, sadly...
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Re: Deus Ex Mod: Hatchet

Postby Alex » Tue Sep 22, 15 8:30 am

Well, spambots can't do much really, not until they reach a number of posts etc.
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