[Gametype Release] Sharpshooter, 21 Guns and Zombies

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[Gametype Release] Sharpshooter, 21 Guns and Zombies

Postby atrey65789 » Thu Dec 07, 17 2:56 am

I am releasing three newer gametypes I worked on over the years of modding,

Sharpshooter - every 45 seconds all players receive a random arsenal of 2-3 weapons.

21 Guns - First player to use all 21 guns to kill other players will win the game, but every time you die, you are downgraded to the previous gun.

Zombies - Similar to Call of Duty's "Zombies" Game... Defend your base, and survive each round of zombies, with every round progressing, more and more zombies attack. Kill Zombies and rebuild barriers (that zombies can break) to gain credits to buy weapons and unlock rooms.

Everything should be here for hosting. Enjoy.

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