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Discussion about the sequel by Ion Storm.

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Postby Tantalus » Mon Mar 23, 09 3:33 pm

It's less of an FPS RPG and more of a version dumbed down for various console tards who had trouble with the sophisticated interface.

Don't get me wrong, it's still a pretty good game just no way near the standard of DX; or TNM. :P

The universal ammo pissed me off so much, I actually got stuck because I had no ammo left and had to use a penguin as a shield.

And for God's sake it's etc (for ET CETERA), not ect...
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Postby Gishank » Mon Mar 23, 09 8:30 pm

Omomom. Age-old revivial.

I can't believe how retarded i was in this topic.
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Postby chubskee » Sat Feb 09, 13 7:04 am

all i can say that i love to play this game...
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Postby DNM » Mon Jun 10, 13 4:08 pm

Why do you lot hate DX:IW so much?

Off the top of my head:

Tiny, claustrophobic levels
Motherhumpin' universal ammo
Simplified health system
No skill system, I repeat, NO SKILL SYSTEM

But yeah, apart from that, it's Deus Ex alright. I mean, the protagonist's codename has 'Denton' in it, how can it not be?
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Postby Paul Denton » Tue Aug 27, 13 1:42 am

It's worth checking out the "Invisible War post-mortem" on youtube; Harvey Smith and Warren Spector discuss what went wrong in that game's development.
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Postby Siva » Thu Aug 29, 13 1:28 pm

u lot nd these fukin topic rezzes i do swear m8 i do swear
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Postby Aidan » Thu Aug 29, 13 5:54 pm

Siva wrote:u lot nd these fukin topic rezzes i do swear m8 i do swear

oy m8 i do recon a kik 2 th face 4 'im ye
Psychokiller, spelled incorrectly.
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