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Which did it come: The Order (Mako Assassination/Espionage)

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 15 10:24 pm
by Clancy Stein
When Alex receives the order to assassinate the Mako weapons maker who invented the Mag Rail schematics, who gave this order to Lin May Chen? The Illuminati or the Templar insurgents? (Also begs the question when was Saman inducted as a Templar, & who inducted him... Everett, or an enemy of MJ12 & the Illuminati?)

Chen received orders from one of them. I speculate it was whoever was working with she and Billie at the time. Her Holiness did not give the order, so it was likely a Templar sanctioned contract just like the Mag Rail private mass production. The WTO wanted Alex to pick up the gun in order to read its Nano imprint through their access thru Alex's infolink broadcast sense-data. They would be able to take the spec from there & develop their own mass production of the Mag Rail on their 3D Printers/Nanoformers.

However, if Alex kills the Project Lead, who likely has the schematics in his datalogs, and the gun itself becomes only available to Templars, then it would be quite inaccessible to anyone in the WTO or the Illuminati unless they either took it from a Templar casualty or infiltrator (they may have access to Billie's infolink sense-data, but strategically Billie never uses a Mag Rail).

My theory: Lin May Chen received the order to kill the Project Lead under the guise of some cultist fanatical sanctimony (terrorism). The Zealotry was ostensibly for glory & what Chad Dumier calls "the communication event", but the real purpose of this was to stop the Illuminati from obtaining the schematics from the unlicensed private Mag Rail project and contract commissioned by the Templars who have somehow regained their gold stockpile (from Everett or the MJ12, or the Vatican).

Re: Which did it come: The Order (Mako Assassination/Espiona

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 15 10:34 pm
by Clancy Stein
Also, in my opinion, the zealotry of the Templars is a front for glory to induce the service of their pawns. The real purpose, and I believe Saman knows this, hence his likeness to Bertrand Russell, is to destroy the network *commons & collapse the economy once more to insure the means of production is secured by their order (Freemason, original Bavarian sect, MJ12, Malta, Holy SEE, or the Merovingians?)

* The network commons is run by the WTO copyright office. Their form of the congressional library is the reason weapons & ammo & even nanoblades are mass produced. Weapons manufacture has been uniformly monopolized by the Trade Union, immediatly placing all unlicensed manufacture, sale registry or distribution as black market, a controversial production method (parallel to the arbitrary laws that make the drug war & drug black market possible), and many who hated Invisible War were unwittingly casting their political view on the matter. This is what happens when a monopoly controls the distribution of property, versions, & credit. This is a parallel to today's IMF.

Re: Which did it come: The Order (Mako Assassination/Espiona

PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 15 11:01 pm
by Clancy Stein
This fits well with another theory I have from the first game. An intentional anachronism is made when Tracer Tong says "1723... the birth of Adam Weishaupt. Not a coincidence."

Adam Weishaupt was in fact born in 1748. It was Adam Smith who was born in 1723. And it was Adam Smith who coined the term "the invisible hand" as the power of demand in a free-trade market that transcended mercantile trade-law in the 18th century. It called for total privatization of the market by producers & traders, with no government regulation.

The original Illuminati was not after this, even after it was co-opted by the Masonic order. It was initially designed to thwart the intellectual monopoly of the Vatican over copyright & print distribution/translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible before the introduction of the Gutenberg press. This was a revolution parallel to today's advent of the internet.

The Mag Rail & Dragon's Tooth intellectual property rights fight present in both games is an indication of this underhanded motif. As is the conflict over universal communication & biomodification.