what i dont like about the game

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what i dont like about the game

Postby xProtocol Rain » Tue Aug 30, 05 6:07 am

the way the ammo works on this game just annoys me to the fullest....anyone els feel the same way?
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Postby Dae » Tue Aug 30, 05 8:30 am

Lags. I had to play on 800 x 600 on my 22" LCD display. While my video handles UT04 on "holy shit" (maximum) video settings and it even doesn't lag.

Ugly weapons. I don't like using them, they arent sexy. Only maybe rocket launcher is.

Small limited maps. It destroys a sweet feeling of reality.
(death to consoles)

Shortened RPG system, unlike DX1
(death to consoles once again)

Foggy graphics. This isnt cool as they expected.

Alex Denton looks more like a pop-star. Female is better, but we saw a male on Area51 in Deus Ex 1 or am i mistaken?

No SDK. But T3 SDK (and Invisible War's looks the same) is gay, to say truth.

I didn't really want MP there with these ugly weapons, foggy graphics, complicated movements and small weapons.
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Postby Alistair » Tue Aug 30, 05 3:00 pm

Dae, unreal 2004 rocks. CS is like, LOLOZ M8 NO SAHDOWS 4 U. Unreal is like.. reflections everything :D
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