Double weapons

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Double weapons

Postby Bear » Wed Jan 09, 08 7:29 pm

It would be great if you could hold two rifles, assault guns, pistols or whatever, and fire them, so then, you get to kill two people at the same time, you would only be allowed to have say 1 double weapon, as you would use up two weapon spaces in your inventory, what do you think?
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Postby Kaiden » Wed Jan 09, 08 7:30 pm

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Postby Siva » Wed Jan 09, 08 7:55 pm

How the fuck would I aim at two different people with one mouse.
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Postby clyzm » Wed Jan 09, 08 10:53 pm

I suggest looking up Hejhujka's Hardcore mod.

It's pretty intense, and also has dual pistols.
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Postby NightRaver » Wed Jan 09, 08 11:30 pm

just, make dual law

owns :lol:
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Postby Bear » Thu Jan 10, 08 7:45 pm

rofl, duel law?
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Postby Mr. Tastix » Fri Jan 11, 08 12:18 am

Hey wrote:rofl, duel law?

That makes no sence because "duel" would mean to do battle against. And anyone doing battle against a LAW rocket is a fucking moron in my books LOL.
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