Need help importing pistol with animations

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Need help importing pistol with animations

Postby Machina » Thu Nov 20, 14 7:07 am

I've got a model of a pistol with animations. The original is a .x file. I've successfully converted and imported .x files before but for some reason the first person animations keep messing up and I get the dreaded "black mess" instead of a hand and pistol. I've made sure the vertices(?) don't touch, hell I've even tried importing it as the pistol alone (without hands) and it still became a black mess. I'm pretty sure the timed animations are all set correctly so I don't know what's going wrong. Can anyone help with this? The model has less than 1000 vertices, so far I've used unr2de. I can send the model in pm.
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Re: Need help importing pistol with animations

Postby Blade sword » Sat Jun 29, 24 11:58 am

I know this might be necroposting at some point but considering this kind of relates to one of my questions.
I'll bump this post while asking my question.
Is there a way to convert blender skeletal anims into vertex anim compatible with the d.3d stuff used in UE1 ?
At some time I tried to help GMDX but failed at it because I couldn't get my stuff to work and export.
It can even be through converting UE2 stuff to UE1 some people did it in the past like putting UT2004 stuff.

So I hope to get an answer and probably people can probably implement newer models more easily if the conversion pipeline work.
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