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New AI Barks

PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 12 1:15 pm
by SimonDenton
Hey all,

To avoid rewriting pretty much EVERYTHING for my mod by modifying Actor.uc I decided to make my own enumeration for ai barks:
Code: Select all
enum summerBarks



var summerBarks sB;


Now, in my playerclass I do a custom AIBark function for my custom scriptedpawn to do:
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function bool SummerStartAIBarkConversation(Actor conOwner,summerBarks sB)
   if ((conOwner == None) || (conOwner.conListItems == None) || (barkManager == None) ||
      ((conPlay != None) && (conPlay.con.bFirstPerson != True)))
      return False;
      return (barkManager.StartBark(DeusExRootWindow(rootWindow), ScriptedPawn(conOwner), sB));

I get the error:Error, Unrecognized type 'summerBarks'. If I declare summerBarks as declaredSummerBarkManager.summerBarks I get "Missing variable name" :/

Help would be greatly appreciated!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 12 12:50 am
by SimonDenton
It seems that the engine has a limitation for enumerations which only can be used with one class under another :/