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Warning: Deus Ex Extractor and Decompiler (DEED)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 13 10:37 pm
by Poor
I planned on extracting some models with this program. I ran the GUI and when asked where I want to extract the files to I chose the Desktop. Without warning, it deleted over 100 GB worth of personal files, all my movies, shows, music, and ebooks. I now get to spend my weekend attempting to recover my files.

Also happened to some guy on OTP.

That Deus Ex Extractor and Decompiler is a fucking menace. Just now I wanted to extract some textures and I chose the target folder as the root of my Deus Ex installation, without realising that it erases the folder you extract into first. Not only would I have lost the replaceable Deus Ex files themselves, but all my textures, meshes, sounds and classes i.e. several weeks of work (and if I hadn't only started modding DX recently, potentially months' or years' worth). I would have put my fist through the monitor if 'twere not for the judicious use of a file recovery application, which seems to have brought the most important stuff back from the brink.

Whilst this has impressed upon me the importance of backing up; what is the point of it, and why doesn't it warn you first?!

The program does work but not intuitively. When providing a destination for extraction, make sure it is an empty directory. I pass this warning on in hopes this doesn't happen again.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 13 11:15 pm
by Psychotic
Sounds like something to just piss people off, frankly. What kind of asshole would make a program that does that and call it "genuine"?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 22, 13 11:40 pm
by Poor
It sure it wasn't intentional but it was negligence. This happened to me before with an install wizard for another program (wiped my entire Programs folder). Yet I still never invested in a backup drive. Maybe now I will learn to backup :(.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 14 11:01 pm
by bambi
omg, I posted a rant about this as well. it wiped out my CS mod, I was so angry, until I realized that the this person that put together the editing pack is like the only person trying to help, so now, I'm back at it.