Anyone have any map dumps?

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Anyone have any map dumps?

Postby hotshot » Mon Oct 04, 21 2:51 am

I'm trying to build up my own collection of old multiplayer maps but DeusExNetwork doesn't seem to have that many. I see some of the servers still have lots of maps that aren't on the network so I know there are copies somewhere. Anyone willing to share some of their collection? Specifically I'm looking for the RPG maps like Lees_HongKongInfiniteParty as well as Markistan maps if anyone has them (I'd need the packages/assets too). Other maps would be cool too of course.
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Re: Anyone have any map dumps?

Postby Kaiden » Fri Oct 22, 21 2:13 am

Lee's Map 3 and 4 are attached, can't remember if they're map protected or if it was removed. IIRC the mapper came back and made 4 but can't remember what changes were made. No clue on the textures but seem to recall it telling you what's missing. ... layer/maps is probably the only real online repository left.
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