Japanese map with grappling hook?

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Japanese map with grappling hook?

Postby hotshot » Sun Sep 04, 22 5:12 pm

I remember a long time ago (~2008-2011) playing a map set in Japan. It was a pretty big map. I think it was intended as an RPG map, and it might have been a Markistan map because it had those same types of weapons in a gun store. I remember there was also a hidden grappling hook gun you could use to fly around the city. There were some skyscrapers with elevators moving up and down the sides, but you actually had to use the grappling hook to get in the elevators. I think it was called Otemachi (or I could be way off)? Does anyone remember what map that was and could share a download?
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Re: Japanese map with grappling hook?

Postby Kaiden » Sun Oct 02, 22 4:00 am

I see a few mentions on here and other forums to the "Otemachi map" with RPG elements, but sounds like it appeared late 2011 into 2012, pretty late on the scene. Can't see a download for it unfortunately.
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