Pocket secretary and E-Books

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Pocket secretary and E-Books

Postby James » Thu Sep 22, 11 11:33 am

Pocket secretaries and ebooks in the game (that only seem to contain one email/article per ebook) are told to be extremely cheap and are obviously used by the designers to as interactive media that share the same purpose as datacubes in the series.

Though it concerns me, if they in story canon are hardware that contain 1 email/article, what is the point of buying them?

In comparison the news sheets in the game are much better, they automatically update with the latest news.
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Postby MrBlackDX » Thu Sep 22, 11 11:58 am

They are the technical equivalent of a post-it, rather than a secretary or diary.

Just like datacubes are the same for DX.

Both don't make sense, as you said it's a gameplay mechanic for balance.

Everything is getting integrated onto one device in today's technical terms (smartphone). You wouldn't have a device in the future which caters purely to note making/diary entry, as a smartphone today can do that for you.

There could be warrant for a data information storage device with significant encryption (activated by voice recognition, eye recognition, dna recognition maybe). Jensen would have to hack these, and this would imbalance gameplay since the whole point of pocket secretary's are an alternative to hacking.
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