UPDATE Build 1.2.643.0

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UPDATE Build 1.2.643.0

Postby James » Tue Oct 18, 11 6:04 pm

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o A fix for some players that get stuck on an infinity loading screen in Detroit.
o Fixes for some issues that caused crashes for players using specific firewall or proxy software.
o Additional improvements to counter stuttering in the game.
o Support for Eyefinity in combination with 3D when using interleaved stereoscopic monitors.
o Support for additional brands of stereoscopic interleaved monitors when using AMD graphics hardware.
o Support for Nvidia 3DVision.
o Support for Nvidia Surround, also in combination with 3DVision.
o Improved control over the stereo-3D display in the game.
- The allowed range for the stereo 3D Strength setting has been increased.
- A Stereo 3D Plane setting was added to provide additional control over the 3D effect.
o Various performance improvements.
o Fix for ‘moire’ issues seen on billboards in DX11 mode.
o Some changes to try to counter specific driver issues causing crashes in DX11 mode.
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