Restoration Mod? - Fix, re-balance, adjust and add/connect missing/new content

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Restoration Mod? - Fix, re-balance, adjust and add/connect missing/new content

Postby James » Mon Jan 23, 12 1:40 pm

I've brain stormed an idea for a modification patch that I want someone to pursue. Are any of you aware of restoration patchs?, i.e the one for Fallout 2 rebalances, fixes any bugs or mistakes and puts some content back into the game. I want to emulate the results and objective of this sort of patch for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution has a lot of missing content.

The idea came when I realised the re-balancing modification was going an awkward turn. I had the idea for a mission statement and now I've decided to write down, this informaton was private until now. I've decided I am incapable of reaching these goals, but a nice idea for someone to adopt.

Realistically the goals I'm about to list at this point of time are small, this is because of the encrypted files and lack of official or alternative modding tools. Most of the current modifications for DXHR are external to the game's files or hex edited.

Show the content of the following textbox to a rough plan if you wish to adopt or envision a similar conept:
[spoiler="Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Restoration Mod"]Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Restoration Mod
  • Add to DXHR, but be faithful. Add things that matter and enhance the gameplay without changing it too much.
  • Release patches. Make goals realistic and add to it later.
  • Quality releases. Ensure each release means something.

Goals entirely possible to achieve under a different name, as an alpha release or simply testing the waters:
  • Re-balance the items, weapon and augmentations
  • Fix dialogue typos.
  • Clear/brighter cutscene .avi files, the ones in the game are much darker than the game world at times.
  • Insert suitable philosophical messages at the end of each ending - this was absent from DXHR in comparison to the other games, I feel the fans will want this.
  • Console, I'm not sure if it exists already, but I want it. This may be just the debug/burger menu, if so, see below.
  • Bundle the patch with the best modifications with an optional install/external download from the installer file. (ENBSeries and debug menu comes to mind)
These are something I want to see if suitable modding tools are released, you may require a team for these tasks:
  • Fix a selection of side quests - some I feel were overlooked. Example provided:-
    [spoiler]O'Malley comes to mind, the one where you pose to be a hitman and O'Malley will offer to pay you for performing a hit on a gang in a certain method. If you do it like he asks you to, you will fail the mission completely.[/spoiler]
  • Re-balance experience distribution. The game was too easy/generous for making your character grow, make experience points mean something instead of getting headshots or walking to the next minor area.
  • Insert any suitable cut content that wasn't used but exists in the game's files. i.e. the scramble grenade.
  • Modify a few levels to give the player more freedom. There's a few invisible walls that do not make sense in the game. Extending the final level is also possible to give more of a challenge.
  • Insert more enemies - I feel there are not enough robot enemies or the Sneaker/Ogre Belltower troops mid-game for example.
  • Change recharging mechanic.
  • Insert new DLC missions into the main game - at the moment of this post you have to launch it seperately from the main menu.
  • Remove any mistakes that are illogical for Deus Ex continuity, i.e emails from Nicolette Duclare (the receptionist at Picus), if this was the Nicolette Duclare from DX, she would be a toddler. Solution: rename.
  • Change 'useless' augmentations.
  • Fix texture allignment i.e the post-its.
Extremely unlikely, but wanted:
  • Fix the 4 bosses on how Eidos Montreal intended them to be. Make them a Deus Ex-esqe encounter (avoiding them etc) but keep them hard. Barrett will be the hardest, as he needs to tell you about Hengsha Court Gardens.
  • High definition cutscenes - optional install. Ones currently in game are heavily compressed.

Please feel free to discuss.
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Postby Gishank » Tue Jan 24, 12 11:20 am

I personally would love to work on a mod like that. The biggest problem here is that they don't seem to have any real plans of releasing an SDK.
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