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Postby clyzm » Fri Jun 29, 12 10:39 am

Would switching engines make a better DX4?

I long for the day DX returns to the Unreal engine
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Postby James » Fri Jun 29, 12 11:04 am

Eidos Montreal are currently being trained to use the next iteration of the current engine series, the one used in next year's Tomb Raider.

What is to note is that some staff at EM who worked on Vegas and DXHR are proficient in Unreal suite.

My opinion is that Unreal Engine 3 is a poor, unoptimised console engine with a lot of features that drive me nuts that is common place within each game on it e.g. mouse smoothing and no anti aliasing support.
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Postby Siva » Fri Jun 29, 12 12:26 pm

They should just make it on Unity

All the cool kids are using Unity these days

It's like the hip new Unreal Engine

Valve license out the Source engine FUCKING WHEN
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Postby Marder » Mon Jul 02, 12 5:16 am

If your theory about Hong Kong is correct, this makes a lot of sense...

It is a big challenge for them though. Watch Alien ten minutes after watching Prometheus and you will know exactly what I am saying. Ridley's Scott excuse for Prometheus having holograms and Nostromo having ZX81 screens, was that Prometheus was a state of the art vessel, not a rusty old M-class starfreighter with decades old tech, like Nostromo, so we might see something similar here, to explain why HK is more tech 20-30 years earlier, plus your "collapse" thing. Personally I didn't quite buy it, I watched Alien and just felt well, it was made 30 years ago.

It makes sense because I think now that EM proved themselves, they will be more willing to play with characters that weren't their own invention, such as Paul, Maggie, anyone you find in Hong Kong.

I've got a feeling though DX4 will not be the last and for that reason, it will cover very little timeline after 2027, so perhaps not even HK, but the formation of Unatco... probably would see Manderley of course again.

I think also, they are looking to go one better than Hengsha, don't be surprised if you see something equally outrageous like a lunar base...

My bet is Crystal again...
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Postby Amme » Wed Jan 02, 13 8:17 am

Hm... there's a lot of stuff that could happen for DX 4. Gunther Hermann comes to mind. I checked out the wiki and apparently he was working with Namir & CO.

I suspect he's going to make an appearance. So will Anna Navarre. Manderley might show his face too outside of e-mails.

If they go further they will have to pick a "default ending" though like they did with DX:IW when it came to what happened in DX1. Could be a recipe for disaster, don't know. Also depends on if they want Elias Toufexis again.
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Postby James » Sat Jan 05, 13 11:01 am

One of 5 projects underway at EM was revealed to be multiplayer for the new Tomb Raider. Hopefully just exclusive to that game and just experience of engine comes to DX4.
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Postby Jake_Denton » Fri Feb 01, 13 1:37 am

I wouldn't mind a sequel to HR that starts where the Human Revolution bonus ending (after the credits) left off. I think that one has the best chance of working. I really like playing as Adam Jensen and would like to see a young Tracer Tong again (one mission wasn't enough).

Don't want DX4 to have anything to do with Invisible War or the original unless they're remakes. No Paul Denton either please, he's just not that interesting.

By the way, people shouldn't jump to conclusions that just because it's referred to as 4 means it will be set in the future. HR was always referred to as Deus Ex 3 remember..
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Postby Psychotic » Fri Feb 01, 13 1:50 am

Jake_Denton wrote:Don't want DX4 to have anything to do with Invisible War or the original unless they're remakes. No Paul Denton either please, he's just not that interesting.

As "uninteresting" as he may be, Paul is a pivotal part of the Deus Ex franchise, since the bulk of the story starts with here mere existence. There's no reason they could expand on his character more than they did in the original.

However, I do agree that a sequel to DXHR concerning the bonus ending would make sense, and I've always been interested in seeing the creation of the Majestic 12 and their rise to power (before their subsequent demise), alongside the creation of the Denton Project.
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