Can you beat DX without augmentations or upgrading skills?

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Can you beat DX without augmentations or upgrading skills?

Postby SticksAndStones » Tue Oct 31, 23 2:08 am

Hey folks,

Wanted to share with you all a video I made a few weeks back trying to beat DX without installing any augmentations or upgrading skills. Obviously this is possible, but it is not the destination it is the journey that is important.

DX means a lot to me, as I have no doubt it does all of you; so to sit down, play, script, edit and put this together is my way of paying homage to this incredible game.

I'm not here begging for likes, subs or whatever, I just wanted to share my video with the DX community, so it does not get lost in all the other obscure content on YT.

Mods, if this ain't allowed then feel free to delete my post, kick me out, whatever you need to.

youtu. be/82U7P1cm9MI

I'd love to revisit DX again for more challenge stuff, so if you guys have any ideas... throw them my way.
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