Fix for the SG Mutator issue

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Fix for the SG Mutator issue

Postby ~ô¿ô~Nobody~ » Sat Dec 08, 07 7:59 pm

Since that is always mentioned again, I took some minutes of my army-free weekend to localize and fix the problem with the not working Mutators on the SG maps.

The irony is, it's <blink>NOT</blink> a problem of the SG maps, but of a mod that's used by them: FLKeypad3.

For some reason, I forgot to make its Mutator to pass the Mutate command function calls to the next mutator. :?

All, that needs to be done is to download the package in the attachment, to put it into the system folder and to add the following line to the ServerActos.
Code: Select all
there we go
(2.33 KiB) Downloaded 629 times
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Postby Dae » Sat Dec 08, 07 8:43 pm

Great, thank you!
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Postby Kaiden » Sat Dec 08, 07 11:45 pm

Yay! Hehe cool. =D

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